Welcome to our new Blog!

In our first blogpost we’d like to introduce ourselves and want to tell you about the idea to create a blog. So let’s go! 🙂

We are Miss Brownie (24) and Triple Chocolate (25) – a student couple who love to travel around the world. As we are students we try to travel as much as possible in our semester breaks and holidays.

Beside our studies and part time jobs we are very interested in different countries its histories and cultures. Triple Chocolate for example is interested in the history of countries. He researches about the different sights of a country and the important roles they had in the past. He is often faszniated that you can visit these ruins nowadays as a sight in many countries. Triple Chocolates hobby has a great advantage for me: I don’t need a tour guide! In most cases he knows all the important facts about the country and sights 😀

Me – Miss Brownie love to read Travelblogs. Sometimes while reading I do feel like I was travelling in that country. It’s very interesting to see how different every blogger writes about travelling. Every blogger has his or her own fascinating way of writing and also every traveller makes the most different experiences in a country. Whether as a backpacker or luxury traveller it is always interesting to read how different one city or country appears to different people. In the end the experiences and impressions YOU make are the memorable ones. 🙂 This was the point when we decided to start a travelblog! We have seen so much in our travels and not to forget the tonnes of pictures we took. Before these pictures get forgotten on the hard drive we decided to share them on this blog. We hope that the upcoming blog posts with our experiences will help other travellers and also encourage those who want to travel around. 🙂

In almost every travelblog I do find new information and insider tips I didn’t know before. Therefore we hope that some of our travel experiences and hotel- and restaurant reviews  do help you to plan your own travel adventure. 🙂


You can also find us on social media:

Facebook: Miss Brownie & Triple Chocolate

Instagram: missbrownie_triplechocolate

Twitter: msbrowniesblog

Snapchat: missbrownie6

So have fun and enjoy our blog! Catch you all in our next blogpost. 🙂

Yours Miss Brownie & Triple Chocolate



3 Kommentare zu “Welcome to our new Blog!”

  1. Dani says:

    Schöne Worte! Und bei den individuellen Eindrücken von Bloggern stimme ich dir voll und ganz zu! Mag das auch total gerne, wenn man Länder, Städte usw. aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln kennenlernt 🙂 Alles Gute euch!

    Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei, würden uns freuen über ein paar nette Worte freuen ?


    1. missbrownie says:

      Dankeschön für so einen tollen ersten Kommentar 🙂 Finde euren Blog auch richtig toll und werde ich machen 🙂
      LG Miss Brownie

  2. Tharseni says:

    Ein sehr schöner Blogeintrag?

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